Yahnet Garcia is Moving Forward

San Jose fighter Yahnet Garcia started training back in 2013, and since then, has taken Muay Thai in the United States by storm. The 29-year-old athlete had to rethink her entire competitive career when faced with the lockdown over the last year. For her and so many others, the promises of fights and tournaments were put on hold as the world grappled with its new reality.

Garcia was on a 13-fight win streak, recently coming off winning the WBC 110 lb Championship and belts in both NYC and California. Due to the restrictions, she was forced to stay out of the gym for both her own training and that of her clients. This pushed Garcia to put all her energy into running virtual workouts 3x times a week. The hour-long sessions started at 8 in the morning and helped her to focus on something other than the uncertainty that surrounded her. If she couldn’t fight, she would at least train in the best way she could, and help others to do the same. She also used running, lifting weights, skateboarding (and the occasional beer) to release stress and feel better.

After facing the longest layoff she’s had in years, Garcia is eager to get back into the ring. She aims to wrap up her amateur career before turning pro, and is focusing on both Muay Thai and MMA opportunities. As of now, she is 14-2 with 8 titles across the U.S. The firecracker athlete looks forward continuing towards her dream of becoming a world champion.

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